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by vp (van persie)

Now that Robin van Persie's hugely successful football career has come to an end, it's a harder task to maintain that special bond with the fans. Fashion is a vehicle of cultivating a new kind of community, a By VP community. The Van Persies' are more than football, more than a group of individuals, they are a close family with a tight bond that wants to emerge and express themselves throug the entire By-VP range.

By VP started with their successful Robin van Persie x Van Bommel collaboration. Bringing three timeless classics on the shoe market. From here on By VP added the Bouchra collection and By VP collection to bring the customers tasteful accessories that match with any outfit. Lastly Dina and Shaqueel van Persie dropped their first clothing collection in collaboration with Rellix. An amazing milestone for By VP, showcasing that this really is a platform for the whole family.

Proud Padel is Life shirt sponsor 2023/2024

The collaboration between by VP and the Ibiza Padel Academy is a perfect fusion of style and sportiness. As the exclusive shirt sponsor for all Padel, Life by VP provides participants with unique sportswear that is both elegant and functional. This not only provides comfort and performance benefits to the players, but also contributes to the professional image of the academy.

In addition, this collaboration can lead to special events and great collaborations where the 'by VP' brand is integrated into the padel community in Ibiza. This not only strengthens the sporty image of the academy, but also strengthens the bond between sport and fashion.

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