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The most essential equipment is a Padel racket. Ibiza Padel Academy works with HEAD and PAD3L, a famous dutch Padel brand. Padel rackets are typically made of carbon fiber or other high-tech materials to ensure durability and strength. Beside the partnership with PAD3L, we also work together with HEAD.

Another important piece of equipment is the ball. Padel balls are slightly smaller and softer than tennis balls, which makes them easier to control and play with. They are made of rubber and have a felt covering to help players get a good grip on them. We use the official Head Pro S balls for all our matches, clinics and tournaments.


Our padel equipment includes padel rackets, balls, bags, shoes, protective gear and clothing. With the right equipment, players can enjoy the game of padel to the fullest and achieve their best performance on the court.

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