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Lift Freight Services is a dedicated team of international freight forwarding professionals who go the extra mile for our customers. They operate in a highly competitive market and are committed to offering the best value in the business. Time and again they strive to exceed your expectations.

This company is goal-oriented in everything they do. The team is committed to supporting their customers in achieving their goals, with customer satisfaction being a key goal of team efforts. With the goal in mind, they work with customers, partners and employees to determine the best possible way to achieve the goal. Lift Freight Services do not focus on resources or processes, but on getting the job done as best as possible.

Lift Freight Services is proud to be part of a number of extensive global networks of freight specialists, who are equally committed to quality. With offices in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Shenzhen, their global networks allow them to guarantee shipments from anywhere, anytime.

Lift Freight Services offers every service. From warehousing and consolidations to air freight, sea freight, courier and charters and are available 24/7 to support you.

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