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Located just outside Santa Gertrudis, the Hub Ibiza has been designed as a base camp for international remote workers and location-independent entrepreneurs who are seeking “the perfect work-life and environmental balance” while doing business. Well set up for co-working, the Hub has a mix of individual hot-desks in bright and airy open spaces, as well as small booths and quiet zones for private calls and online meetings.

Office suites are additionally available for those wanting a dedicated private working space, potentially accommodating a remote team or the needs of a small, lean company looking to grow on the move. Members can access event spaces, a music studio and podcast studio, fitness areas, a healthy eating café and tropical gardens with comfortable chairs and tables.

The Hub Ibiza is a hub of innovation and networking on the island. Known for its role in connecting professionals and creatives across different fields, The Hub Ibiza is the perfect partner to collaborate with the Ibiza Padel Academy in creating a unique padel network event.

The collaboration between the Ibiza Padel Academy and The Hub Ibiza marks an exciting milestone in the world of padel in Ibiza. Together, they are set to organize a special padel network event that promises to bring together padel enthusiasts, professionals, and players from various backgrounds for an unforgettable experience on the vibrant island of Ibiza.

Are you connected with us? Then you might get an exclusive invitation for this padel network event what will be organized at The Hub Ibiza in May 2024.

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